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Ms. Meltem Yaman  Ph.D. is experienced in Human Resources Management and Search & Selection business more than 15 years in different industries. MeltemYaman’s Ph.D. is on Organizational Behaviour. She was a founding partner of a consultancy company in third year of her graduation.

Meltem Yaman has a published book on Human Resources which is a supportive source for universities. She is an author for some magazines and newspapers on HR issues. Her weekly articles published in BTHABER which is a newspaper in IT Telecom sector, contributed to her name in IT Telecom industry.

She is an Associated Professeur in NISANTASI UNIVERSTY of ISTANBUL founded in   2012 and a lecturer at one of the top five university of Turkey, BAHCESEHIR UNIVERSITY of ISTANBUL on :

. Strategic Human Resources Management,

. Organizational Change and Development,

. Strategic Planning and Technology,

. Learning Organizations, Management,

. Organizations and Organizational Behaviour

      for the master’s degree classes.

Dr. Yaman is responsible for bothi interviews with the candidate sand meeting swith the companies.


Mr. Fatih Yaman Eng. M Sc. is experienced in executive search and selection more than 15 years in different industries. He is specialized on IT & telecom business.

He has one more expertise about Business Continuity Management Consultancy.

He has finished Disaster and Emergency Management  masters degree mutual program from Istanbul Technical University, Oklohama State University & Texas A&M University.

He is certified Trainee Trainer of FEMA. ( Federal Emergency Management Agency USA)

He has completed Business Administration program from Bogazici University of İstanbul.

 He worked in IT industry. He was founding partner of another HR search and Selection company also.

Objektif Management Consultancy is a kind of successor of this company with a different partnership and location.

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