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Objektif Consultancy has been established in 2001. Workin ghistory of the share holders has been started much more earlier. As a witness of the change and development in business life in Turkey and in the world, Objektif Consultancy has an intellectual background to understand and evaluate th ecompanies. This intellectual background includes history of the companies, change in the companies, industrial history and socioculturel change in Turkey, change and development in lifes of professionals lifes. Objektif Consultancy has a highlevel of informationaboutthelevelof theeducation, jobexperience, companies, jobprofiles, jobdescriptions, jobtitles of business world and business professionals in Turkey. These valuable intellectue lbackground of Objektif Management Consultancy has been collected because of the individual and personal involvement of the partners in business. This refers to the strategic information supportability of Objektif Management Consultancy which is important at the establishment phase of the foreign investments.

On the otherhand Objektif Management Consultancy has the experience to consult local market companies also as knowledge on change and development of local market companies in industrial history of Turkey. These knowledge and intellectual background includes establishment of management systems, changing values and behaviour of the organizationa lcitizens. Finding new markets, establishing new strategicalliances, partneship with foreign companies, founding innovation culture in the company, increasing good management KPI’s ar esome of the services to develop local market companies.

Via all this intellectual background Objektif Management Consultancy takes in to consideration company culture, place at the market, organization structure, characteristics and the tendencies of the managers and owners. On the otherhand defines the technical and managerial specifications, experience and personalities of the necessary professionals. Objektif Management Consultancy takes care of both company and candidat econcerns and expectations.

Objektif Management Consultancy considers in all business activities to contribute to individuals, companies, country and the humanity.
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